Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Reservations, beef sales, and rain..

Just wanted to thank everyone that has been sending in their reservations in. As weaning approaches, this will be VERY helpful in knowing how much demand there will be. I would like to have reservations in by September 15 for spring delivery. I realize that your plans may change before the spring delivery date, but I would rather have beef available for you, than the alternative. Just to clear up a recent customer question: YES, beef will be processed in Northern Colorado, and delivery will still be available.

I do still have one eighth of beef for sale. It weighs about 60 lbs, and is a good mix of steaks, roasts and ground beef. I also have ground beef for sale, also. If anyone has ANY interest on either beef package, please contact me. This will most likely be the only beef I will have available until the spring delivery.

We have been getting regular rains daily for the last week here on the ranch. The thirsty ground is soaking it up and the hills are greening up. Although these rains are a little late from a grazing standpoint, they are building up the sub-soil moisture, and are excellent for the grasses' roots as they go into dormancy. Although the mud is starting to cake up on my boots, I am extremely grateful for this moisture.