Saturday, August 17, 2013

My kind of evening...

when all I can hear is cows grazing. Our cows are currently grazing some lush riverbottom pasture. And boy, are they content. I truly heart happy cows. The mantra that I grew up on was if you treat your cows right they will treat you right. And that is what I live by every day. The kids and I went to go check on our older cows and their calves this evening. And I had to pause and enjoy the moment. It was absolutely still, which truly is amazing for Wyoming, and all I could hear was my cows munching grass. Then, every now and then, you would hear the 'oooof'' as a cow would lay down in the grass, content, preparing to enjoy her cud. This cowgirl's kind of bliss.

Happy cows belly deep in grass. 

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